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Freight Dispatcher Mentorship

Getting started in the trucking industry can be very confusing. There are so many rules and regulations to learn, and it can be overwhelming. All too often, new dispatchers get overwhelmed with all the information they now have to learn. They end up not making sure they know everything they need to know. Even worse, they can make mistakes that have consequences for their company such as fines or even lost customers.

Our Freight Dispatcher Mentorship program is designed for independent dispatchers who are looking for additional guidance,  industry knowledge, connections within the industry, and help in general navigate the world of truck dispatching.

 What Will You Learn?

  • How to Obtain Carriers

  • How to Communicate Effectively With Brokers

  • How to Determine Hot Lanes

  • Effective Rate Negotiation Strategies

  • How to Grow Your Dispatch Business

  • How to Add More Dispatch Agents

  • How to Build Effective Partnerships

  • How to Scale Your Business Without Marketing!!

What Will You Get?

  • One on One Mentoring

    You will receive 2 hours of one on one mentoring each month with a live consultant going through processes and action steps.

  • Monthly Scorecards

    Our custom databases will provide you insight into the areas of most need and will give you a glance into what you need to do to grow your business the right way.

  • Group Meetings

    Each month, you will be in a group master call which will give you access to even more industry expertise and allow you to share learnings and best practices.

  • Custom Growth Strategy

    Once the plan has been established and agreed upon, checkpoints will be made to ensure you are effectively scaling accordingly.


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