Innovative Academy

Innovative Academy

The Trucking Business Roadmap To Success

This course is for aspiring trucking business owners. If your goal is to be successful in the $800 billion dollar trucking industry, this course is designed for you. We left no stone unturned in creating a platform with success in mind.

We want to go the extra mile and make sure you’re prepared for success in this industry.

 Here Is What You Will Learn

  • How To Structure Your Trucking Company From The Beginning?

  • How To Find Drivers?

  • What Type Of Equipment Do do You Need To Purchase

  • How To Find Freight And Make Money?

  • How To Remain Compliant With Regulations?

  • Leasing vs. Buying?

  • How To Interview And Coach Drivers?

  • Plus So Much More……


Get Started And Get Your Slice Of An $800 Billion Pie!

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